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Business-focused approach

Natural language, graph vision, integration of business ontology

About us

Any company that relies on data processing for its performance is a potential user of logiCells technology.

Pictures, time series, structured data… all these data categories can be embedded in a semantic structure, like the words in a sentence. Using our semantic engine, our data enhancement strategy leverages semantic relationships that are naturally present. Faced with the key issues of data structuring, predictions, and inference, our technology aims to be responsive, accessible, and at the cutting edge of research. Our slogan “Semantics for business decisions” comes from our desire to provide meaning and understanding in order to help you make the right decisions.

Who are our clients?
Sectors such as mass retail, logistics, banks, insurance, research and industry are all experiencing digital transformation, and are sectors in which our technology comes into its own in terms of exploring new opportunities and charting new territories. Sectors such as mass retail, logistics, banks, insurance, research and industry are all experiencing digital transformation, sectors in which our technology fulfills its greatest potential.

Semantics for your Heavy Applications

logiCells’ Open Business solution provides clients with our semantic processing tools: application servers, technical bricks, business verticals (specific ontologies) and tutorials. Based on the requirements of clients’ projects we offer support from our business experts, development engineers and data scientists. Open Business also provides integrated business solutions that have been developed by the application team R&D department. They can be used to develop and expand the marketing process.

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Reasoning and Deep Learning

Due to advances in artificial intelligence it is now possible to train algorithms on information. What is the link between AI and semantic engines?

Once the information has been entered into the semantic layer, the inference engine will use the concepts it has to make inferences and reason like a human being. Deep learning on the other hand – popular nowadays due to the large amount of data available – will extract meaning, coupling its results with those of the semantic engine. This duality means that decisions can be made in seemingly complex environments.
This two-tier optimization strategy is the cornerstone of the Big/Smart Data methodological environment and toolkit provided by logiCells application server and framework.

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logiCells Lab

With the logiCells Lab solution we work in partnership, integrating technology transfer through training to use our tools in real-life case studies, and through a joint editing approach with your business experts and our data scientists to propose, structure, and enrich the data.

The marketing case study, linking a client with an offer, is part of the expertise of our semantic processing chain. logiCells Lab will enable clients to leverage this tool, giving meaning to your marketing actions and placing greater value on marketers’ work.

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